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Feature Request - AUTO SAVE

Please Please Please,

I keep losing hours of work because I'll suddenly realize I've gone down the wrong road and wish I could pick up about 15 minutes before. Only to discover that the only copy I have is the last saved and the one I duplicated when I started an hour ago.

Maybe it's there and I can't find it.  But I can't work from a project in dropbox (where it would be tracked I hear) because the IT department doesn't allow dropbox.  I know that project file sizes can be big and this might take up a lot of space...but you could set limits to how many versions are saved and at what interval they are saved.

For instance.  Yesterday I spent an hour on a new arrangement.  It was almost finish, I was cleaning, deleting some unwanted layers when all of a sudden my arrangement disappeared...I swear I just deleted a layer.  UNDO would not restore the arrangement.  So now because there is no incremental saving of projects all I have is the one I have and what I started with.

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