Click Here to download version 3.4.1


What's New

- Player Pro is now able to output 4K. Presenter Player 4K will be discontinued.

- Application Switch feature

- new EULA

Fixes and Improvements

- Beacon enhancements (please also update your Player for iOS to Version 1.1.3)

- minor Bugfixes


What's New

- upgrade from version 2.x is easier now

- OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatible 

- drop shadow for layers

- border for layers

- experimental Beacon support (Player for iOS)

- Audio Input Asset

- new Widgets

- new Templates

Fixes and Improvements

- count of item usage in playlist and inspector 

- Preview Player scaling up to 200%

- colors can have a gradient


What's New

- new Player for iOS version 1.1.0 available

- RFID detects if a tag was removed (needs RFID Reader v.2)

- random playback for playlists

- audio asset support for Player for iOS

- new playlist option "Support Player for iOS" 

Fixes and Improvements

- improved Multiscreen workflow for Player for iOS 

- improved native Blackmagic capture performance

- fixed timer playlist issue which caused double day validity of an asset


Fixes and Improvements

- new option "Render Target Extension" for performant multiple display support please find more information in the online manual

- fixed some live video capture issues

- added new option "auto adjust framerate" for smoother playback

- added option to disable the image optimization for stills (to be used only on high res video-walls or similar)

- minor fixes and improvements


What's New

  • Videowall & screen setup (Creator Pro only)
  • Presentation feature (Creator Pro only)
  • Timer playlist has now a daily timeframe option and sync playback
  • RFID: multiple stop RFIDs now possible
  • Ticker supports image enclosures
  • Layer styles & animation (Creator Pro only)
  • Full screen web layer, four new layers for optized html playback
  • Default asset settings (duration and fill mode) can be found in Creator preferences
  • Player: 'always hide mouse' option
  • Player: start/stop playlist via http interface
  • Native capture support for Blackmagic capture devices 

Fixes and Improvements

  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks compatible
  • Campaign: time slot selection can be ordered by time
  • Default content opened in editor if project opened
  • Built-in Player can be triggered / updated via publish / live test button
  • Sync group shown in target list
  • Creator gets available watched folder IDs from Players
  • RFID UI rework for better action/trigger configuration

Important Notes

  • Under certain rare circumstances video playback may be distorted on a Mac mini 5.1 (2,3Ghz i5 Processor, Intel HD3000 Graphic card).
  • Using a ~sedna dongle together with a Player Pro license running multiple screens can lead to a slight start delay of each playback. 
  • ProRes videos with embedded alpha may not play correctly on older systems if alpha support has been switched off.
  • The first RFID tag is sometimes not recognized using the first series of ~sedna RFID Reader.  
  • The full screen web layer ignores the player rotation of Presenter Player set in Presenter Player Setup Tool.
  • UDP Unicast video streams cannot be looped (make the asset longer instead).
  • UDP Multicast streams might show a glitch if you loop the asset (make the asset longer to have less loops). 
  • If you are importing a project from version 2.8.3, we strongly recommend checking the setup. Due to the new way scheduling was done in older versions, we recommend rebuilding your project and using the Import mainly to get all needed assets and to take full advantage of the new feature set in Presenter Creator.
  • Complex websites may cause tickers to jitter during preloading. Please make also sure that your internet connection is fast enough to load the desired websites in time or try the "lightweight repaint" option which is available since version 3.2.
  • The custom playout resolution does not work in some setups. As a workaround, we recommend creating arrangements with the desired size and use these with the "Original Size" scaling option to get the same effect.
  • Effects may affect playback performance negatively. On older Mac minis (model 2.1) effects are deactivated because of performance issues.
  • Adding fill content in campaign will need a workaround for adding to timeslots (make it non fill content first and reset later).

Previous Release Notes:


What's New

- added Player for iOS support

Fixes and Improvements

  • - fixed an issue with day command layer
  • - fixed a software update issue which caused a reset of the player settings
  • - lock aspect ratio for layers


Fixes and Improvements

  • - fixed a crash caused by big projects and campaign autoschedule
  • - fixed some Timer Playlist issues
  • - added a start delay timer for Player at system start
  • - fixed display reordering problem with Mac Pros and MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion 


What's New

- added a function to work better with arrangements and multiscreen assets (use the ALT-key together with a list of content)

Fixes and Improvements

  • - RFID can now be used to trigger content on iPads
  • - improved the multiscreen preview
  • - fixed some idle time setting issues (RFID and HTML)
  • - fixed some HTML issues


What's New

- support for multiple RFID readers attached to one Player system

- adjustable in and out points for video files (trimming)

- Presenter Widgets (clocks, weather, Twitter) incl. parameter adjustments in Presenter Creator

- Playlist export as csv file

- Multiscreen Preview (allow the Preview Player to show the content of multiple Players simultaneously, e.g. in Video Wall setups)

- Kiosk Playlist (native web view for best possible HTML performance)

- support for Presenter Copy Protection Dongle  for all products (alternative licensing model)

- new online help system

Fixes and Improvements

- improved video playback

- fixed capture issues

- improved watched folder speed

- web publishing improvements


Fixes and Improvements

- fixed installation issues

- fixed playback crash


What's New

- OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) compatibility

- Timer Playlist enhancements

- Change the playback duration by number of loops

- ProRes Video playback enhanced

Fixes and Improvements

Presenter Player

- Quicktime Animation codec alpha support

- Player Pro self-publishing

- Playback of nested playlists did not work in some cases

- Live Test with Campaign Manager and large projects 

- Audio/Video playback for jump-in video

- Playback of one video multiple times at once

- Mac Player not starting iPad Playlist via RFID

- Tearing during Video Playback in some cases

- Quartz Composition 3D rendering

- several other minor bugs

Presenter Creator

- Marking unused items

- Export of playlist/arrangement

- Sliders in Inspector with multiple selected assets.

- several other minor bugs

Known issues:

- Multiscreen display order changes after reboot (system bug in OS X 10.8 Mac Pro with multiple screens only!)

- Audio playback with OS X 10.7 for ProRes+alpha with 16bit float PCM not supported

- Video Playback issues with OS X 10.7.0 -10.7.4 on Mac Mini with HD3000 (this problem is solved in 10.7.5

- ProRes with enabled Alpha does not support jump-in video playback (video starts at the beginning). 

- AJA video hardware currently does not support 64 bit capture (please use 32 bit instead). We are working together with AJA to get this up and running soon.


What's New

- Presenter Player for iPad support (please download the new Presenter Player 3 for iPad from the AppStore)

Fixes and Improvements

- performance improvements

- improved stability

- 64 bit Capture Support (please note: AJA hardware is currently not supporting the 64bit mode )

- fixed some interactivity issues

- fixed issues with nested playlists

- improved network command behavior (including Live Test)

- commands can be scheduled directly on a day in the calendar

- added offset function for set playout resolution in Player

- minor fixes

Known Issues

- ~sedna presenter uses the newest playback technology provided by Apple. Unfortunately, the latest MacMini with the Intel HD3000 graphic card and its driver have severe issues with this technology. These issues can lead to faulty playback which results in only the background image of presenter being played after longer playback. We are working on a solution for this issue.

- AJA video hardware currently does not support 64 bit capture (please use 32 bit instead). We are working together with AJA to get this up and running soon.


What's New

- Watched folder support

Fixes and Improvements

- improved calendar

- several fixes in Campaign Editor

- Auto-publisher fixes and improvements

- Multiscreen fixes

- UDP streaming fixes

- HTML improvements 

- minor fixes

Known Issues 

- possible Live VideoIn capture issues with the latest MacOS X versions. If you are experiencing problems, reverting the OS to 10.7.0 can improve the playback performance.

- video playback performance on some systems may not always be satisfactory.


Fixes and Improvements

- Fixed live test and network command issues

- Fixed problem that Creator is not starting correctly


What's New!

- Scheduler is now Creator

- completely redesigned interface

- arrangement-based layouting

- timer playlists

- built-in Player

- integrated Toolbox and Publisher (Pro only)

- ProRes support (Pro only)

- templates

- effects for content editing

- multiple projects

- fullscreen mode

and much more…

Known Issues (for more information please see Important Notes)

- under certain rare circumstances video playback may be distorted on a Mac mini 5.1 (2,3Ghz i5 Processor, Intel HD3000 Graphic card)

- adding assets via open dialog with coverflow active on folder with Quartz Composer content causes trouble

- complex websites may cause ticker jittering on preload

- custom playout-resolution does not work in some setups

- effects may affect playback performance negatively

- no preview player countdown

- add fill content in campaign needs workaround for adding to timeslots (make it non fill content first and reset later)