If you purchased a dongle with your ~Sedna system you can transfer your license to the dongle by following the steps below.

Please Note: Dongles do not ship with license codes and are empty by default. You will need to run through the installation process and activate your license on a machine before you are able to transfer your license to a dongle. 

Activating Your License for the First Time

  1. Open ~Sedna Player or Presenter
  2. Enter your serial number
  3. Complete the licensing information form
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Accept to Begin Activation
  6. Click OK to confirm

Transferring Your Activated License to a dongle

  1. Quit the Player by Pressing Command + Q
  2. Insert your Dongle into a USB Port
  3.  In the Top Menu Bar, Click Presenter Player
  4. Click License
  5. Click Advanced
  6. Click Transfer License to Dongle
  7. Click OK to confirm the transfer