The table below is a comparison of the features between different player editions:

Please Note: This table references  ~Sedna Player software. For Creator software differences please refer to this solution.
Features Player for iOS Built-in Player regular / pro Player Light Player  Player Pro  Player 4K
Videos (incl. Audio)
ProRes - / 
Quartz Compositions
PDF Support
Flash (.swf)
Web Pages (.html)
Interactive Web Pages (.html)
RSS Feeds
Ticker Texts
Streaming Video
Synchronized Videowall
Multiscreen Support int. clock int. clock int. clock
Network Commands
iTunes Playlist Control
Web / Cloud Updates (Subscriptions)
Self Publishing
Video Capture 720p / unlimited
720p unlimited unlimited
Watched Folder (since 3.1) 4 unlimited unlimited
Content Layers incl. Ticker 2 10 / unlimited* 2 10 unlimited unlimited
No. of Tickers 1 10 / unlimited 2 10 unlimited unlimited
No. of Screens per Player 1 1 1 1 up to 6* up to 6*
Remotely Startable Content
Presenter RFID Support
Triggered Playlists
Kiosk Mode
Max. Resolution iPad resolution 2560 × 2560 1920 × 1920 2560 × 2560 2560 × 2560 unlimited
Layer Animation  
Video Wall     int. clock
Full Screen Web Layer

Note: Frame rates and overall performance will vary depending on the hardware used.

* Frame rate may drop if using more than one display output per graphics and depends on the hardware used