Consolidate Project

You may notice that removing assets from your project does not seem to lessen the size of your project file. Although the asset is removed from the Assets pane it remains within the project until the consolidate project command is used. 

  1. From the Presenter Creator Application - Click on File in the menubar
  2. Select Consolidate Project

Note: Only media which has been deleted from the assets pane and is not used elsewhere such as in playlists or arrangements in the project will be removed. 

Mark Unused Items 

Finding Assets which are unused can be a time consuming task if your project is complex. Sedna Presenter has a built-in view which will help with this task. 

  1. From the Presenter Creator Application - Click on View 
  2. Select Mark Unused Items

You'll  notice that some playlists and assets have have a location marker beside them which indicates they are not being used for current or future playback. 

Mark Unused items may not highlight certain items due to their use within other parts of your project. Here's some tips on how to best uncover unused items: 

Remove Outdated Day Schedules

  • Right click on today's date in the Calendar view and select "Clear before Selected Day" 
    • This will ensure that Sedna is marking playlists and content which are no longer needed for current playback or future playback as unused
    • Toggle View--> Unused Items Off and then back On to refresh the unused items view

Remove Unused Playlists / Arrangements
  • Remove Playlists or Arrangements  which are no longer being used
    • Right click a playlist or arrangement and select Delete to remove it
    • If an Asset is within a playlist or arrangement it will not show as unused within the Assets Pane
    • Toggle View --> Unused Items Off and then back On to refresh the unused items view 
    • More Assets should now be marked as unused

Find Where an Asset is used

  • Click the Search Icon on the right side of the Application 
  • Drag the Asset you wish to find into the Find Field or Type the asset name


Publishing your healthy project file
  • After cleaning up your project file it is recommended to publish the updated project file to the players. 
  • The project file will reduce in size on the players to match the Creator.