Web publishing allows you to publish content over a designated web server. This can be a standard web server or you can use a Player Pro as a web server. Players that receive their content through web publishing must be assigned a subscription.

The idea behind web publishing is that the content is uploaded via FTP to a server and is then downloaded by an unlimited number of clients via HTTP. To achieve this, the FTP server must have access to the HTTP home directory and you have to publish content into this HTTP home folder or any other subfolder.

To make a project available via web publishing, you assign web targets in the Creator preferences.

Setting up Web Publishing

  1. In Creator, choose Settings (Settings) and then choose the Targets tab (Target_Button).
  2. Click on the Add_Button button at the bottom and then choose Add Web Target... or Import Web Target... if you import web target settings you will be asked for a *.pts file which contains all settings. If you have no settings file, you have to enter the settings into the dialogue.
  3. The name you enter later identifies the project on the web server and a folder with this name will be created on your server.
  4. "Host", "Port", "Path Account" and "Password" are equal to any other FTP tool. You have to make sure that the path points to a location the web server can see.
  5. "Active Mode" (default off) and "Toggle Extended Data Connection Mode" (default on) are optional. If the connection is not working try activating the "Active Mode" first and if it's still not working deactivate the "Toggle Extended Data Connection Mode".
  6. The "Download URL" is the web address where you are uploading the project. If you are publishing directly to the web root folder, you only need to type in the domain name normally (i.e. http://www.example.com/).
  7. The "HTTP Account" and "HTTP Password" are used to access protected webspace. If you are not using protected webspace, you can leave the fields empty.
  8. Click ok to confirm the settings.
  9. Once added, a green light indicates an active connection and a red light indicates that the connection has failed.
  10. It is strongly recommended to save the working settings as a *.pts file for a later usage. You can export the settings via right click on the target --> Export Settings...

A Player Pro can act as a web server, providing other Players on the network with it's projects and contents if they have a subscription to that Player Pro.

Setting up Web Publishing with Player Pro

  1. Open the Presenter Player Pro Preferences.
  2. Select Enable Publishing.
  3. If web sharing is not yet active on this system, you need to click the Activate Web-Sharing button. This will take you to System Preferences where you can enable the Web Sharing option on the right side.
  4. It is strongly recommended to save the publishing settings as a *.pts file for setting up the subscription on the Player systems. You can export the publishing setting with the help of the Export Button in the lower right corner of the dialog.

If you have different data path values, e.g. for several displays, you need to distribute these separately by selecting them in the "Data Path" drop down menu.

You need to configure your Player(s) to download signage projects from the web server in order to use web publishing. *NOTE* Player Light does not have a subscription option.

Setting up Subscriptions

  1. Open the Presenter Player Preferences.
  2. Click on the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Select Enable content update via web.
  4. Select Import from the gear drop down menu.
  5. Load the exported settings (*.pts file) for the web server. Importing these settings is the easiest way to set up the Player but you can also use the (Add _Button) to add a new location manually.
  6. Set up the day(s), time slot, and time interval for updating the Player's project data. The bars indicate a 24 hour period from midnight to midnight. If you want the Players to continue to check after midnight on the following day, be sure to set it to do so on that day as well.
  7. Select Start Player on login and Keep Player Alive in the general section to make sure the download settings will proceed accurately and without interruptions.
  8. Start the Player. As soon as the web server has new content, the Players will download it at the times you have defined.

If you are not sure about your settings, you can check the connection to the project data for the web server or trigger the update manually by using the update function. Both are located in the Subscriptions section.

If there are a lot of Players in one network, it will normally take a long time to publish content to each individual Player. Using web publishing makes it possible to publish content more quickly and effectively.