Local Publishing - Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Each player on the network is added to its respective ~sedna project 
  • The project is published from the creator to each player 
  • The player and creator must be on the same network
  • Player settings can be managed remotely via Toolbox (Creator Pro Only)
  • Pros: Instant Updates
  • Cons: Publishing video content to a large number of players could take some time; must be on the same physical network as players

Remote Publishing - Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
  • Player and Creator are on the same VPN network 
  • The project is published from the creator to each player
  • Player settings can be managed remotely via Toolbox (Creator Pro Only)
  • VPN can be a corporate VPN or VPN service provider such as LogMeIn Hamachi
  • Pros: Instant Updates
  • Cons: VPN Links are generally slower than LAN connections; must be on the same virtual network as players

Web Publishing  
  • Player and Creator are usually not on the same physical or virtual network
  • The project is published from the creator to an FTP directory which has HTTP (Web) access
  • Players download the project from the web site and then FTP a receipt to the server letting the creator know it has updated successfully
  • Interval for updates can be done on a schedule or on an interval
  • Passwords can be set for publishing content via FTP and downloading content via HTTP 
  • Pros: Publish content from anywhere
  • Cons: Large number of players on a network generate a lot of web traffic since all are pulling from the web server simultaneously (Use Player Pro publishing to combat this or Presenter Edge Server); unable to manage players via Toolbox

Web Publishing - for Presenter Pro Player subscription
  • Player with Presenter Pro license is subscribed to a single project which has been web published
  • Player Pro downloads web-published project and makes it available locally
  • Players on the local local network subscribe to the Presenter Pro machine instead of an external web server
  • Pros: Allows for quicker updating since only one player downloads content from the web and the others retrieve it locally
  • Cons: Can only be one project and does not report back if the local clients have updated their content

Web Publishing - for a Presenter Edge Server subscription

  • Presenter Edge Server sits on the same network as your ~sedna players
  • Mac OSX Server License and Presenter Edge Server license required
  • Presenter Edge Server downloads content which has been web published and stores it locally for other clients to download
  • Players on the local network look to Presenter Edge Server for content updates thus greatly reducing internet traffic compared to multiple players accessing an external web server
  • Multiple Projects can be stored on a Presenter Edge Server and update information is provided (which player was updated and when)
  • Player license not required

SneakerNet - USB Update
  • Presenter Creator generates a .prim3 file which is placed on a USB drive
  • USB drive is taken to each player which needs updating
  • The player will update content when the USB drive is plugged in
  • For Security this feature can be disabled in player settings