If you purchased your license dongle separately from your ~Sedna license you must transfer your license to a dongle - Follow the instructions here

Determine if the License Dongle is recognized by your mac

  1. Click the Apple Icon in the upper left
  2. Click About this Mac
  3. Click More Info
  4. Click System Report
  5. On the left hand side - Select USB
  6. On the right side - Expand all sections
  7. If you see "USB CrypToken" then your dongle has been recognized 
  8. If your dongle has not been recognized, please try another USB port or test the dongle on another mac

If using your dongle with ~Sedna touch - 
  1. Open your Applications folder
  2. Open License Reader application 
  3. Your licenses should appear in the window

License Dongle conflicts 

In some circumstances the license dongle will not operate properly with other software utilizing a license dongle such a DaVinci Resolve 

Follow these steps to resolve this issue

1) Open up Terminal

2) Create an additional file for the configuration of the shared memory 

command:  "sudo touch /etc/sysctl.conf"

3) Open this file in Terminal / Nano

command:  "sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf"

4) Edit the following lines:







5) Press ESC

6) Type in ":wq" (for "write and quit") and press Enter

7) Restart your machine