1. Quit ~Sedna Player by pressing Command + Q on your keyboard
  • You will be taken to the Player Settings Menu


    2.  Click on the Subscriptions Section

    • Check Enable content update via web
    • Click the sprocket icon and select Import Setting...
    • Browse to the location of your PTS settings file


ProTip: Click the Sprocket and then Test to make sure your player can reach your update source and check-in

Need your content ASAP? - Select Update to perform a manual update

     3. You'll probably want to adjust a few things:

    • Adjust the value in the Check Every ___ Minutes area to determine how often your player checks for updates
    • Define update time slots: 
      • Drag the blue tabs to select an update time frame or place the blue tabs together in order to check for updates 24/7
      • You can also select the Per Day radio button to only check for updates on certain day / timeframes.