Interactive HTML

Any HTML Asset in your iOS Playlist can be make interactive by clicking on the HMTL Asset within the Assets Pane and selecting Interactive or double-clicking on the HTML Asset within a playlist or arrangement. 

Triggered Playlists and iOS

  • A Triggered playlist is a playlist which is played when the screen is tapped. 
  • A Default playlist plays 24/7 unless trigged playlist is playing or another playlist has been scheduled on the calendar.
  • Usually an HTML asset is placed within a triggered playlist with interactivity enabled.

  1. Create a Playlist or iOS Arrangement by following the instructions here. 
  2. Add content to this arrangement / playlist that you'd like to play when your Triggered Playlist isn't running. It might be helpful to use an iOS Arrangement with a ticker to let users know they can tap the screen and interact:

  3. Create an additional Playlist or iOS Arrangement for your interactive HTML Page
  4. Drag your HTML Asset into this Playlist and ensure you've enabled interactivity if you'd like users to interact

  5. You might need to adjust the duration of your asset to ensure it doesn't go away too quickly. You can do so in the Inspector Pane. 

  6. Right Click or Control + Click on the playlist you'd like to play when the triggered playlist isn't running and select Default

  7. Click on the Project Settings Icon  
  8. Select the Trigger section

  9. In the Content dropdown, select the playlist you'd like to play when the screen is tapped. 

  10. Click Done. You should now notice one playlist with a mouse cursor (triggered) and one with a flag icon (Default).

  11. Publish the updated Project to your iOS Player for changes to take effect on the Player

Adjusting the Idle Time on an HTML Playlist

You might need to adjust the amount of time your Triggered Playlist is idle before it returns to the default playlist.

  1. Quit the Player for iOS application on the device
  2. Go to the Settings menu of the iOS device
  3. On the Left hand side of the Settings Menu - Select Player 
  4. Once Player has been selected - Locate the Display section on the right hand side and select Idle Time to make this adjustment