Determining the WebKit version in use

The version of webkit used by ~Sedna is dependent upon the Operating System and Safari Version Installed on the machine. 

  • HTML Content should be tested on the exact Safari, OSX, and ~Sedna version which is in use on the Player machine as capabilities vary. 
  • It is recommend ~Sedna Players are on the latest build of Safari and have the latest OS updates. 

Webkit and Sedna

  • SREWebkitProvider is the process used by ~sedna to render web pages which uses both the OS Webkit and proprietary ~Sedna rendering to enable scaling and transparency. 
  • A SREWebkitProvider process is loaded for each display output in a separate thread. 
  • Certificate Issues must be resolved within Safari on the Player machine or pages will not load in ~Sedna due to the absence of dialogs. It is recommended to open the page in Safari on the Player machine and "Always Allow" the certificate in question while testing. 
  • ~Sedna will GET all pages across display outputs at the same time however Synchronization of Web content is not guaranteed across displays. 
  • Client-Side storage is located in ~/Library/Caches/de.sedna.SREWebProvider 
  • On 10.9.5 WebGL Must be enabled at the browser level in order to work in ~Sedna.

Operating System Safari Version Installed Reported Webkit Version HTML5 Score  HMTL5 Score - FullScreen WebLayer
Mac OSX 10.7.5  6.1.6


312/555 305/555 
Mac OSX 10.8.5 6.2
400/555 380/555
Mac OSX 10.9.5 7.1 537.78.2  415/555 395/555


  10.9.5 10.8.5
 Parsing Rules 10/10 10/10
<!DOCTYPE html> triggers standards mode Y Y
HTML5 tokenizer Y Y
HTML5 tree building Y Y
SVG in text/html Y Y
MathML in text/html Y Y
Elements 24/30 23/30
Embedding custom non-visible data Y Y
section element  Y Y
nav element Y Y
article element Y Y
aside element Y Y
header element Y Y
footer element Y Y
main element Y N
figure element Y Y
figcaption element Y Y
reversed attribute on the ol element Y Y
download attribute on the a element N N
ping attribute on the a element Y Y
mark element


ruby, rt, and rp elements Y Y
time element N  N
wbr element  Y  Y
details element    Y
summary element   Y  Y
 menu element of type toolbar  N  N
 menu element of type popup  N  N
dialog element  N N
hidden attribute  Y Y
OuterHTML Property  Y
insertAdjacentHTML Property   Y Y
Forms 77/110  76/110
input type = text Y Y
input type = search Y Y
input type = tel Y Y
input type = url Y Y
input type = email Y Y
input type = date N N
input type = month N N
input type = week N N
input type = time N N
input type = datetime N N
input type = datetime-local N
input type = number Y Y
input type = range Y Y
input type = color N
input type = checkbox Y Y
input type = image Y Y
input type = file Y
select Y Y
fieldset Y N
datalist N N
keygen Y Y
output Y Y
progress Y Y
meter Y
Field Validation Y Y
Association of controls and forms Y
other attributes Y Y
CSS selectors Y Y
Events  Y Y
Form Validation Y Y
Microdata 0/5 0/5
Microdata N N
2D Graphics 19/25  12/25
Canvas 2D graphics Y Y
Drawing Primitives    
Text support  Y  Y
Path support   N  N
Ellipse support  N  N
Dashed line support  Y  N
Hit Testing support  N  N
Blending modes  Y  N
Image Export Formats
PNG support  Y
JPEG support Y Y
JPEG-XR support  N N
WebP support  N
3D Graphics    
 WebGL 3D Graphics  Y / Prefixed Y / Prefixed
 WebGL 2 3D Graphics  N
window.requestAnimationFrame   Y Y / Prefixed
Peer to Peer  0/15  0/15
 WebRTC  N  N
 Data Channel  N   N
Video  33/35 33/35
 video element  Y  Y
 DRM support  Prefixed  N
 Media source extensions  N  N
 Subtitle support  Y  Y 
 Poster image support  Y  Y
 codec detection  Y  Y
MPEG-4 support   Y  Y
H.264 support  Y  Y
Ogg Theora  N  N
WebM with MP8   N  N
Web M with VP9  N  N
 Audio 27/30   25/30
 audio element  Y  Y
 Web Audio API  Prefixed  Prefixed
 Speech Recognition  N  N
 Speech Synthesis  Y  N
 PCM Audio support  N  Y
 AAC Support  Y  Y
 MP3 Support  Y  Y
 Ogg Vorbis support  N  N 
 Ogg Opus support  N  N
 WebM with Vorbis support  N  N
 WebM with Opus support  N  N
Location and Orientation   15/20  15/20
 Geolocation   Y  Y 
 Device Orientation  N   N
Output  10  10
 Full Screen support  Prefixed  Prefixed
 Web Notifications  Yes   Yes