Problem:  The mouse cursor is showing on display(s)

External Factors  which contribute to mouse appearing 

Applications in Background 

If any applications (such as safari) are running behind ~sedna presenter player then there is a chance the mouse cursor will appear.  

  • Quit the Player (Command + Q) and ensure no other applications are running. 
  • Dismiss any dialogues or prompts which might be active. 

External Control

Active Remote control sessions via LogMeIn or Apple Remote Desktop will also cause the cursor to appear. 

  • Once these remote sessions have closed the mouse cursor should disappear.
  • Observe Mode in ARD will show the mouse in the Upper Left but this will not display on the the Player machine. 

~Sedna and Bluetooth Settings

  1. Quit the Player Software by pressing Command + Q
  2. Ensure "Always Hide Mouse Cursor" is checked.  
  3. Click Bluetooth Settings [This will open Bluetooth Settings Menu]


           4. Click Turn Bluetooth Off [Status should change to Bluetooth: Off]



           5. Click Advanced and uncheck all options




           6. Click OK and close the Bluetooth Settings Menu 

           7. Click Start Player to resume playback