Certain displays disconnect from the Mac when turned off which can cause issues with ~Sedna Presenter. 

  • ~Sedna starts when the mac is turned on when "Start player on login" is selected and automatic user login is enabled. 
  • When the machine is turned on or rebooted and a display is not present ~sedna still plays video in a 1280x1024 square. 
  • When the display is later detected - the result is a "Windowed" display such as below. 


Enabling exit on display change allows ~sedna to restart every time a display change is detected and thus take the full display. 

How to Enable Exit on Display Change

      1. Quit the Player by pressing Command + Q

      2. Click Displays


      3. Click on your display on the Left column and then click on Advanced on the right side of the window



      4. Check "Exit on Display Change" 

       Important Note: You'll need to do this for each display attached.

      5. Click Start Player