1.  Open Presenter Creator

2.  Click on the "Settings" button


3.  Click on "Targets" the "Web Targets"


4.  Click on the + button in the lower right corner.


5.  Then this appears.   


6.  Name identifies the project on the web server. A folder with this name will be created on your server.

7.  Host, Port, Path Account and Password are used as in any other FTP tool. Make sure the path points to a location the web server can see.

8.  Active Mode (by default off) and Toggle Extended Data Connection Mode (by default on) are optional. If the connection is not working, try activating Active Mode first. If that doesn't help, deactivate Toggle Extended Data Connection Mode.

9.  Download URL is the web address at which the project is available for download. If you are publishing directly to the web root folder, just type in the domain name, e.g. http://www.example.com.

10.  HTTP Account and HTTP Password are used to access protected webspace.

11.  Click OK to confirm the settings.

12.  Once added, a green dot indicates an active connection and a red dot indicates the web target is unavailable at the moment.

13.  It is strongly recommended to save the settings as a *.PTS file for later usage. To export the settings, right click on the target and choose Export Settings...

Here's an article of how to import the .PTS file for the player