NOTE: Open Weather API has changed requiring an API key. 

Please ensure you are using the latest OpenWeather APIv2 widget available here:

Below are instructions regarding obtaining an API key for the new OpenWeather Widget provided by sedna.

1.  go to

2.  click Sign up [in orange letters] and create a new account. [agree to the Terms and click "Create Account"]

3.  Then copy the API key that is generated

4. Open Sedna Presenter Creator and click the + Icon under the Assets section 

5. Navigate to Media --> Presenter Widget

6. Browse to the location of your presenter Open Weather widget 

     a. Click on "Open Weather apiV2.presenterwidget

     b. Click Open

7.  Single click on the new "Open Weather apiV2" widget and in the Inspector on the right side of the screen paste in the API key.

     - Set Location, background color, etc.

8. Presenter Widgets are designed to be placed in a layer within an arrangement. 

  • Create an arrangement and a layer within your arrangement for your Open Weather apiV2 widget. 
  • Drag the Widget from the assets pane to its respective layer
  • Be sure that the size of the layer in your arrangement is the same size as the widget you plan to place there