Text tickers can be set to scroll over multiple screens using a Videowall by simply extending the layer over the screens. 

Note: The maximum width of a single text ticker asset is 12600px (6.5 1920 W screens). If you are spanning more than 6 screens you will need to use the ticker extension function in order to extend the ticker across all your screens. 

To do this, you need to adjust the ticker extension value on each screen --

Using a Text Ticker in a Multiscreen Setup

  1. Note the total width in pixels of all screens.
  2. Quit the Player....
  3. Click on Displays Tab
  4. Click on the Screen
  5. Advanced. Make the following changes for all affected displays.
  6. Enter into Text Ticker Extensionleft the number of pixels that the text ticker is to run to the left beyond the currently selected display.
  7. Enter into Text Ticker Extensionright the number of pixels that the text ticker is to run to the right beyond the currently selected display itself.

Work Example

You have 3 screens placed horizontally next to each other, and you want the ticker to run across all screens.  Each screen is 1920 pixels wide.  The total width is 5760 pixels.

The individual screens Player Preferences should look like the following:

  • Left Screen: This screen has nothing to the left.  To the right there are two screens (1920 x 2 = 3840).  In the Player Preference should have 0 into Left and 3840 into Right.
  • Middle Screen: This screen has one screen on each side. Therefore enter into both Left and Right a value of 1920.
  • Right Screen: This screen has two screens to the left.  Enter 3840 into Left and 0 into Right.