The Audio Input allows you to add live audio feed to signage playback and have the audio content customized to individual Players. You can add custom audio by utilizing locally attached audio sources thru the line-in jack on your player.

Audio Input assets give you the flexibility to have audio content selected on the playout system. This way you are not bound to determining already during the creation of your signage project which audio content to play back.

Creating an Audio Input in Assets

To add an Audio Input asset to your signage project:

  1. Click Add_Button in the Assets window. Select Capture and Streaming → Audio Input.



          2. After adding the Audio Input to your assets window, click the Add_Button in the Arrangements & Playlist window, and select Arrangements.


           3. Click the on the layout section and create a layer for the Audio Input. You can place this layer outside the visible area of your arrangement. 



         4. Click over to the timeline view of the Arrangement. Drag the Audio Input Asset into the layer.