• Migration is NOT compatible with 10.12.x (Sierra). 
  • Version 4.0.1 is NOT compatible with 10.12.x (Sierra)
  • Creator Standard is no longer supported in Version 4. Contact sales to upgrade to Creator Pro before beginning the migration process. 


  • Only Version 3 can be upgraded to Version 4 cloud licenses; Version 2 users must purchase new licenses
  • Licenses can be removed from Dongles when upgrading to Version 4 and migrated to the cloud
  • Version 4 requires an Internet Connection for license verification every 7 days.
  • 3.4.2 is the final release in the 3.0 family

Minimum Requirements (Player)

  • Mac Mini (Late 2012) or newer 
  • Mac Pro (Late 2013) 
  • Mac OSX 10.10-10.11
  • Internet Connection
Minimum Requirements (Creator)
  • Mac Running OSX 10.10-10.11
  • Creator Pro License

Logging in:

After obtaining your Presenter Cloud account information, go to Here you will be asked to input your login information.



Upon logging in you will find yourself within the dashboard.

Downloading Version 4:
To open the main menu, click on the three bars directly next to the "~Sedna Cloud" icon in the upper left side of the screen. Then click "Profile" and "Resources"



On the "Resources" page, click the Version 4.0 download link:


Installing Version 4:
Once downloaded, click on the installer from your downloads folder.

Click on "PresenterPlayer.pkg" if upgrading a player machine, or click "PresenterCreator.pkg" if upgrading a creator machine.

If you receive this message:

Open your System Preferences and click "Security and Privacy"

Click the padlock icon and enter the current users login information:


Click the option "Anywhere" 

You may now continue with the installation.

On the following screen, read the License agreement and click "Agree"

Continue with the installation instructions until you reach the final screen. Click "Restart" in order to restart your computer and complete the installation.

After rebooting, you will have a new Icon in your system dock. This is the new icon for the Version 4 player.

Registering to Account:
Once Sedna Creator version 4 is installed to your machine, you will need to transfer your license to your Presenter Cloud account. The first time you launch version 4, you will be presented with the following activation screen:

Click "Migrate and Activate" to continue.

The following screen will ask for your ~sedna ID and ~sedna Key. These can be found on your Presenter Cloud home page:

On the following screen, read the options carefully and check all three boxes before continuing.

On the following screen, ensure that you are connected to the internet and click "Accept and Connect"

After a short loading screen, you will receive this confirmation, and begin using your Player!