Multiscreen Assets

Presenter Creator allows you to easily manage signage setups with multiple displays. If you need multiple displays to show different content streams at the same time, and want this be handled within a single project, Multiscreen assets are your choice.

On the other hand, if you need to show content on a single video wall with multiple displays, you might want to refer to the Videowall section.

Note that either way you need to have the appropriate hardware and Players that can do the job. You can contact us or your local reseller for more information.

Multiscreen Playback Logic

To configure Multiscreen assets appropriately, it is essential to take the following into account:

  • If you want special content played on individual displays, you need to include these particular displays in your Multiscreen asset and add the corresponding content to it.
  • Content added to the <Default> column of a Multiscreen asset serves as default content.
  • Default content is played back on displays that are not included in the Multiscreen asset. If you include a display, and add no content to it, you've scheduled it to play back nothing.


Creating a Multiscreen Asset

Choose Add → Miscellaneous → Multiscreen. Alternatively, you can click on the Add_Button button below theAssets pane and select the Multiscreen asset there.

Before the asset is added to the assets list, you'll be asked to select the displays or display groups that you want to include in the Multiscreen asset. The screens offered for selection are the displays available from the targets as configured in the Project Settings → Targets tab.

Note: Include only displays that you want to play back individual content on. If you want displays to play back just default content, do not include them in your Multiscreen asset.

Adjusting a Multiscreen Asset

  1. Click on the Multiscreen asset in the Assets pane.
  2. Add content to the <Default> column and arrange the time and order you want it to play.
  3. Add content to the individual display columns in the Multiscreen asset and arrange the time and order you want it to play.
  4. With the Switch By option you can set whether content playback is done by groups or by displays.

Note: When dragging multiple assets into a Multiscreen asset, press and hold the Alt button beforehand to distribute the assets selected across the columns starting at exactly the same time .

To have the Multiscreen asset played back, you need to add it to a Playlist or Arrangement. As the Multiscreen asset plays, each display will play its own content. All Players in the same sync group that are not included in the Multiscreen asset will play the content added to the <Default> column.

Multiscreen Preview

You can preview how your multi-screen playback will look by making just a few adjustments:

  1. Click on CommonSettingsNormal_Button to open the Project Settings .
  2. Click on CommonSettingsPreview_Button to go to the Preview tab.
  3. Activate Multiscreen Preview and select a screen setup from the dropdown list next to it.
  4. Start the Preview.