Text tickers provide scrolling text for your signage project and are capable of displaying text manually entered or dynamic text from RSS feeds.

Creating a Text Ticker

Choose Add → Generator → Text Ticker. Alternatively, you can click on the Add_Button button below the Assetspane and select the text ticker there.

If you want to display just a fixed text, you can enter it in the content section in the Inspector. To enter dynamic text content, follow the steps described below.

Adding Dynamic Content to a Text Ticker

  1. Select the text ticker you want to modify in the Assets pane.
  2. Go to Inspector and select RSS Feed URL entry from the Type list.
  3. Headline Delimiter separates the headline from the content.
  4. Content Delimiters enclose the content itself.
  5. Under Content you can choose whether to show just headlines, just articles or both.
  6. If your RSS feed contains images, be sure to activate the Show Images checkbox.

Note: Obviously, dynamic content will only be displayed if Presenter Player has an established network connection to the RSS feed.

Once you have created a text ticker and added content, you can change its parameters, such as content, font, speed and duration in the Inspector.

Work Example

In this example, we will use a text ticker to add a live RSS feed to our signage playback.

Start by adding an arrangement to your project. Go to the Arrangement Layout Editor. Add a new layer to carry the text ticker. You’ll need to adjust the size and position of the new layer. Assuming you’re using a full HD monitor in landscape more, a width of 1920 and a height of 1080 px should do nicely.

Click on the text ticker layer and go to the Inspector. In the Background section you can make the layer have a background differrent from the arrangement background. Text tickers have a blue background by default, so be sure that the two are matched up to produce a nice effect.

Finally, create a text ticker in the Assets pane and go to the Inspector. Since the ticker is to show breaking news, select "RSS Feed URL" from the Type list and paste the URL of the RSS feed into the field below the list. You also might want to customize the appearance of the ticker, i.e. the font and the scrolling speed. Try experimenting with these options, and use the preview function to find the ideal look.