Sedna version 3.4.2 and 4.0.1 are not compatible with OSX Sierra. 

In order to continue using ~Sedna on MacOS Sierra - a 4.1 license is required. 

  1. Contact ATS Sales in order to obtain pricing and purchase an upgrade to ~Sedna 4.1 before continuing
  2. If you have already upgraded your OS to Sierra and now find that your Sedna software no longer works - Contact ~Sedna Reactivations ( with the following information: 
    1. Screenshot of the License Key you are attempting to upgrade
    2. Sedna Key and ID from your Presenter Cloud Account
    3. Receipt of purchase from a Sedna Maintenance plan 


        3. ~Sedna will email when the process of adding the new 4.1 License(s) to your cloud account is complete

        4.  Run the Presenter Uninstaller before installing 4.1 in order to remove the version 3 license from your machine :

        5.  Send the Uninstall Report text file back to ~sedna support.


There are two options you can take. Option one can be performed if you have a separate computer still running El Capitan. Option two will be necessary if you do not.


If you have another computer still running El Capitan you can run the migration from there with the following procedure:

First you will need to uninstall your license from your Sierra machine. You should be able to download and install creator 3.4.2 onto your sierra machine. (Presenter 3.4.2)

Then follow these uninstall instructions:

  1. Open Presenter Creator 
  2. In the menubar - click Presenter Creator
  3. Select License...
  4. Click Advanced ---> Uninstall
  5. Click Uninstall to confirm
  6. If Prompted - type your account password and click OK
  7. The uninstall license process will complete and will alert when successful. 
  8. When successful - your Serial number will be displayed. 
  9. You may now install your software on another mac.

Once the license has been removed from your Sierra machine. You can use it to install Creator 3.4.2 onto your El Capitan Machine. Once installed. You can follow these migration steps:

After the license has been migrated to your presenter cloud account. You can transfer the license to your sierra creator machine from the "creators" page within your account.


If you can provide us the license number of this creator in question along with your sedna ID and sedna key (obtained form your presenter cloud account)


You can send these to Sedna at Explain to them that you are attempting to migrate your license but have already updated to OS Sierra. They will add a new 4.0.1 license to your cloud account which you can assign to your Sierra creator. No uninstalling and reinstalling necessary. In return, Sedna will send a utility to uninstall the old license as proof that it has been removed. This process usually takes about 24 hours as Sedna is located in Germany.