This article is taken from the ~sedna FAQ located here:

To make the license model work, and to provide you with reasonably priced licenses, an Internet connection is mandatory for every device running a ~sedna presenter application with a cloud license. Since a license is only valid on a single computer, an effective license management can't be done without the possibility to check and change the license status of registered devices.

Losing the Internet connection doesn't result in an immediate stop of ~sedna applications. The application will go on running undisturbed for some time without an Internet connection. After a certain period, a message will be displayed occasionally pointing to the missing Internet connection. The period in which the message is displayed shortens to stay permanently on screen at some time.

The following list shows exactly what happens after a ~sedna application loses its Internet connection:

  1. Day 1: Internet connection is lost.
  2. Days 1 to 7: Application keeps on running as usual.
  3. Days 8 to 10: Once an hour a message is displayed for 30 seconds. The message says: "Presenter Player/Creator can't connect to Presenter Cloud".
  4. Days 11 to 17: Every 5 minutes a message is displayed for 30 seconds. Message text: "Presenter Player/Creator can't connect to Presenter Cloud. Please make sure Presenter Player/Creator is connected to the Internet."
  5. Day 18: The message mentioned in 4. stays permanently on display and can't be closed.