If you are experiencing network issues or if you choose to not have an internet connection you can publish content using the Sneakernet method. You can publish content while the player is offline. To publish your content to the player you will need to do the following:

On the Sedna Creator machine: 

1. On the creator machine, open the project you want to load onto the player. Click File and select Create Update Package... 

2. Select the thumb drive file to export the project file. 

3. This will create a .prim3 file of the project. 

On the Sedna Player machine:

1. Take a keyboard and mouse and connect it to the Player machine. 

2. If signage is currently running on the player, hold down the Command + Q (Windows keyboard: Windows Key + Q) to quit and to access the player settings.

3. On the General tab of the player settings, make sure Offline Update: Enable content update via removable media is checked. This will allow content to be updated from the thumb drive. 

4. On the Subscriptions tab, make sure to uncheck Web Update: Enable content update via web. Note: If the player has internet in the future, re-check this setting to ensure content updates over the web. 

5. Press Play on the player settings and that's it! You now have content running on your screens.